VP Creative Design utilizes state-of-the-art drone technology to capture spectacular visuals for commercial and entertainment use.

Our drones carry professional cameras at high speeds, wirelessly broadcasting images back to ground-based HD monitors where our directors call and analyze the shots in real time.



In choosing VP Creative Design you not only gain access to the best equipment the market has to offer, but you also benefit from an experienced creative partner.

While anyone can purchase an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and shoot aerial cinematography, the reality is that to achieve professional-quality aerial videography; you require a fully-licensed FAA UAV pilot alongside an experienced director with specialist knowledge of all the equipment.


We only use the best in DJI technology. Our commercial equipment has unparalleled maneuverability to achieve the best cinematographic shots. In the past, only a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter could record the spectacular images our drones can capture today.

Our pilots are highly experienced, capable of flying our smaller machines at lower altitudes, in tighter spaces, between trees and over water. It is the expertise of our pilots – coupled with the mobility of our aircraft – which allow us to deliver these unique perspectives. Our equipment lets us seamlessly transition from a couple of feet off the ground to a thousand feet above.

The cost of hiring a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter, cablecam, steadicam, or technocrane is far more expensive than contracting VP Creative Design to do what we do best. In fact, DJI’s fast-paced innovations have allowed us to effectively eliminate the need for cablecams, steadicams, and technocranes altogether.


We started VP Creative Design with a mission to help clients share their stories in unique and powerful ways; achieving results that competitors struggle to match.

We strive for extraordinary – leaving lasting impressions.

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